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Welcome to our sustainable arts valley of 12 acres set along an old rail line running through the steep wooded gauge along the riverside of the lynfell. Where the Brecon Beacons and the Black Mountain meet at the top of the Swansea valley, along the A4068. We are powered by solar and we use the village micro brewery for the real ales. A tipi big lodge is built from the trees on site and used for the fire side music sessions nightly. The riverside walks can be can be used for dogs on leads.

Once this site was the famous live music venue Taffys Tash, which gave birth to three music festivals from 1987-92. Before moving around the UK as the Hieneken Music Big Top festivals, then several city free festivals in Plymouth- Cardiff - Nottingham - Brighton etc before selling out the Leeds event to the V Festival. In 1995 started the Guilford Folk n Bles eventually becoming Guilfest and finally the national Acoustic Festival of Britain. This site was the stating block for all these festivals of which which we are proud to have been associated with. The nice people come here to enjoy, respect and look after it. A space to chill...

The Valley at Night

Valley of the Wild Boar