August 6th. & 7th 2011

Sicknote Steve
Acoustic Zeppelin
Guy Maile
The Herbs

plus the Fireside Folk

Acoustic Zeppelin Acoustic Zeppelin
We do not try to do impressions of Zep - just play the wonderful songs to the best of our abilities.
We use the original recordings as our starting point as Zeppelin used to, often using arrangements found from bootlegs and post Zeppelin performances as well as our own (Nothing too radical though!). Capturing the heart, vibe and soul of the songs is all important to us. We are lifelong fans who happen to be musicians paying tribute of the purest kind.
So, ACOUSTIC ZEPPELIN - Exactly what it says on the can!

Sicknote Steve Sicknote Steve
To audiences in the West Country and South Wales, the familier bearded figure of the hobo bluesman Sicknote Steve has become synonomous with a great session of the blues.
Sicknote Steve recreates the authentic sound of the original hobo bluesman. No technical trickery here - the authentic guitar paying skills and vocals of Sicknote Steve invoke the atmosphere of the Mississippi Delta as he slides and stomps his way through the Seasick songbook.